Keynsham Juniors

A Social Club Supporting Children with Learning Disabilities

Keynsham Juniors at Puxton Park
Keynsham Juniors at Puxton Park

Ages: 5 – 11
Day: Every Tuesday during school term time
Time: 5:45pm – 7:15pm
Location: Somerdale Lodge, Fry’s site, Somerdale Road, Keynsham, BS31 2AU

Ages: 11 – 18
Day: Every Thursday during school term time
Time: 5:45pm – 7:30pm
Location: Somerdale Lodge, Fry’s site, Somerdale Road, Keynsham, BS31 2AU

Keynsham Junior Club is a social club for children with Learning Disabilities and aims to offer a range of fun, exciting and stimulating activities. We have a varied programme of activities each term incorporating a wide variety of music, dance, craft, theme sessions, trips out and more.

If you are interested in your child becoming a member, please email . If you’d like to find out more about volunteering, see the Volunteering page.

Keynsham Juniors Under 11’s programme: Nov – Dec 2017

Keynsham Juniors Over 11’s programme: Nov – Dec 2017


“My daughter enjoys the freedom to be herself and play and create with the help
of a fantastic team of volunteers.  The club is an invaluable asset to which we
would like to say thank you!” – Vicky, Mum of Teigan, age 10

“Club is fun because we do lots of different activities with our friends. The staff are really nice.” – Jess, age 17

Opportunities for children and adults with Learning Disabilities