Andrew – My First Day at School (Residential College)


I went to Foxes Academy in Minehead. Foxes is a residential college for people with learning disabilities. It is an opportunity for people to learn life skills and catering skills in a real operating hotel.

Before I moved to Foxes Academy I went to visit it. I had a look around, got to meet some of the staff and to see my room.

I was very nervous on my first day. I felt a bit better as I had been to visit in the summer but I was still very worried.

I had never been away from home before and I was worried and upset that I would miss my mum and dad too much. I didn’t really know a lot of other people and I wasn’t sure if I would make friends. I didn’t know anything about cooking or catering. I was scared that the teachers would expect too much from me and not give me enough time.

Part of me wanted to go home, but I also wanted to be a grown up.

The first week was very hard, but the college kept me busy. As well as the courses there were activities and things to do. I didn’t have time to be on my own and feel sad. I made some new friends and the staff were very nice.

I started to enjoy the course. I learnt about food hygiene, safe food preparation, how to cook and I worked in the restaurant as a waiter. I got different qualifications in catering that helped me get the job I have now. I work in a school kitchen helping to make the school lunches for the children.

My time at Foxes was hard sometimes. I worried a lot and missed my family. But it was good too. I learnt new skills and it helped me become more confident and independent.

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