Jon – First Time Voting


I have voted in all the elections since I have been an adult. It is important to me to be able to vote.

My mum helps me but I chose who I am going to vote for. If my mum was not able to help me I would ask my support staff. I have a postal vote now too.

I read a bit about each party and what they stand for. Things that are important to me are transport and benefits for disabled people.

I think it’s good that the main parties are producing an easy read manifesto. I want to read them before the General Election 2015.

I watch the news every day too. I like to know what is happening.

I don’t know if many people with learning disabilities vote. I don’t think my friends do. More people should vote.

I feel confident when I vote. I am telling people what I want. I think people should listen to those with learning disabilities more.

I know the local MP for my area and have met him several times. I know who some of the councillors are too.

I think the Hear My Voice campaign is a good idea. I hope it will help more people with a learning disability to vote in future.

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