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We are recruiting to the following roles:

Play Leader (Super Saturday Club – Bath)

Adult Club Leader in Keynsham (Club25)

Young Adult Club Deputy Leader in Keynsham (Go Explore Club)

Deputy Music Club Leader in Keynsham

Volunteer Opportunities

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Play Leader at Super Saturday Club (Bath)


You must have a big smile that will make every child feel special and loved.

You must be able to laugh convincingly at jokes that you don’t understand and you may not find funny. Having eyes in the back of your head is of the utmost importance.

You will preferably have a little bit of quirkiness. If a child requests that you be superhero, you will be the best superhero you can be.

Being able to decipher your name anyway it is pronounced would be an added bonus.

A high level of multitasking is essential. If something would normally take 5 minutes to achieve, you must be comfortable with it taking 15 minutes or longer.

Possessing the skills required to rapidly count the heads of numerous moving small people is of utmost importance.

A high level of comfort with being asked an excessive amount of questions by children is essential, some of them will be very personal. For example, what are you doing, why are you doing that, can I do that, are you married, (and if not, why not), where you are going (as you walk into the toilet), and what did you do in there (the toilet).

The ability to remember the names and needs of 15+ children, their parents, siblings, grandparents, pets and special soft toys is a key component of this job. This is something that will develop over time.

Be equipped with an unlimited imagination to create fun and engaging activities for easily distracted small people by getting creative with paint, food, paper, water, words, music, glue dots, face paints and all manner of gooey, sticky and colourful play resources.

You must be prepared to have a lot of fun in the workplace. Laughter is something you can expect to engage in for a large part of the play group.

Finally, you must be prepared to feel loved, special, and important to many young people and their families. 

There is simply no other job quite like this one. Would you like to join us on this amazing adventure?

Saturday Play Leader in Bath

£12.61 ph for 6 hours per week, term time only
Saturday 9:30am-12.30pm, plus paid preparation time

Adult Club Leader in Keynsham (Club25)

Could you plan a weekly activity for our largest club? Club25 is a social group for adults with learning disabilities. We are looking for an enthusiastic, organised, highly motivated induvial, who can run our Club25 club nights.

You will need to plan, prep, and deliver a range of activities for our club members, creating fun experiences and enjoyment for all.

You should have previous experience of working with adults with learning disabilities, and a genuine desire to make a positive impact on the lives of our members.

Experience of leading a team or managing volunteers would be strongly preferred.

You’ll be ensuring that the activities are well thought out, appropriately risk assessed and you will be responsible for safeguarding and the welfare of all club attendees.

£12.61 ph for 6 hours per week
Thursday evening, 6:45-9:45pm, plus paid preparation time

Young Adult Club Deputy Leader in Keynsham (Go Explore Club)

Support the Club Leader to ensure that people with learning disabilities have opportunities to socialise and be active in the community, make friends and improve their sense of wellbeing.

The focus of all of our clubs and activities is to enable individuals to participate in leisure activities in their local community and develop skills, opportunities, and choice.

You will help to ensure that the individuals who use the club have the level of support they need so that they and that they can access the variety of activities and events.

Supporting the Club Leader to plan and prep for activity sessions, and you will be helping to guide and mentor our volunteer team.

£11.44 ph for 3 hours per week
Wednesday evening, 6:30-9:30pm

Deputy Music Club Leader in Keynsham

Support and assist the Music Leader to deliver a music session to our adults with learning disabilities.

The Music Man Project offers music and performance opportunities to our members.

The musicians learn to sing and sign to original songs and some popular chart songs, as well as playing a variety of percussion instruments.

You will assist the Music Leader to teach songs and music to our enthusiastic musicians, help at performances and have a genuine desire to make a positive impact on the lives of our members.

£12.75 ph for 3 hours per week
Saturday mornings, 10am-1pm

Volunteering Opportunities

Are you interested in volunteering at one of our clubs for a few hours a week or fortnight?

See our Volunteering section for more information about opportunities to volunteer with children or volunteer with adults with learning disabilities.

Volunteering is a great opportunity to experience the rewards of giving something back to your community. It’s a great way to build confidence, have new experiences and make new friends.

Its also a wonderful opportunity for students to gain valuable experience for future employment. Read our Volunteer stories to see what they think!

Whether you are available once a week or once a fortnight we can work with your availability to find a volunteering opportunity that is right for you.

See what its like to volunteer with adults

We offer weekly social, fitness, football, Boccia and music clubs for adults as well as annual holidays and day trips

See what its like to volunteer with children

We offer social clubs for children from 5 to 18 years old

If you are interested in volunteering you can apply online here or visit our Facebook page to see what we get up to almost every day of the week!

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