Meet Our Trustees

Lisa O’Brien, Chairperson

Mother of Jon, has been involved with the Society since Jon joined what was then called ‘Junior Gateway’  in 1990. She joined the trustees in 2005 and held the post of Chair until work commitments forced her to step down in 2008. She rejoined the trustees in 2013 and has been Chair since 2014.

“ I believe that our Society is like an extended family. We benefit from each other’s company and need us all to pull together to develop even more facilities and opportunities for our members both now and in the future”

“As we grow and take on new challenges, my business background will, I hope, help. I spent  20 years in  the sphere of retailing and operations management. I then moved to teaching and management at UWE. In between, I raised Jon and his sister Susie, living in Keynsham for what is now 30 years.”

Opportunities for children and adults with Learning Disabilities