Volunteering with Children

Do you want to help support children with learning disabilities in your local community?

We run 3 weekly clubs dedicated to children with learning disabilities. The Clubs are extremely popular with our members and often top of the list for volunteers too. 

Clubs run on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings for children starting from 5 years old.

Anyone volunteering with children can expect a different experience every session, no two nights are ever the same. The children each have their own personalities. No matter what their ability, we ensure that everyone is included to join in within the sessions participating with each activity as little or as much as they are comfortable with.

SENSations (Tuesday, for Children 5-11)

Volunteering with Children in Keynsham

Tuesday night we have busy hectic sessions along with quiet ones. We have been trampolining at flip out, collywobbles playbus, a boat trip along the river Avon, picnic in the park, den building at Willsbridge Mill, along with quiet evenings like a relaxation evening, movie night with ice creams, fish & chips and making fish collages.


SENSations (Thursday, for Children 11-18)

Volunteering with Children with Learning Disabilities in KeynshamThursday evenings run similar to Tuesday club, we have visited the fire station, street dance lesson, water slides & bouncy castle, sparklers & hotdogs, we play skittles, visited Bath city farm, learnt some basic first aid, made videos using green screen.

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Super Saturday Club (Saturday, for Children 5-18)

Volunteering with Children at Super Saturday Club

Super Saturday club runs term time only throughout the year.

We have members that join us that have all different disabilities and abilities, they are all of different ages from 5-18 years of age.

This is the professional part of this report…

SSC is about Fun, Safe Fun…..

We provide different activities each session ranging from Arts and Crafts to Bunking Broncos…we have trips out in the community… we encourage our members to engage with each other and have helped build many strong friendships.

We find the positives in each and everyone of our members and help build their confidence up and never give up!

All that said we can only provide all the above with SUPPORT from our loyal volunteers, any age, any skill, experienced or not we need YOU!

Guaranteed you will leave with a smile, granted a tired smile but a definite SMILE… and you will feel proud and you should do as our members need people like you!

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All we ask is that our volunteers are enthusiastic & happy to help & encourage the children to join in with the activities. Volunteering is so rewarding, especially seeing the children enjoying themselves, doing things they didn’t think they could do or at times not wanting to do it at first but then joining in and not wanting the session to end.

Why you might want to volunteer with children 

Keynsham Mencap volunteering opportunities satisfy many reasons why you might want to get involved, including these:

  • relevant experience for your career choice 
  • volunteering looks good on your CV
  • we need you! Keynsham Mencap relies on volunteers
  • choose to do something useful with your spare time instead of watching TV
  • meet new and interesting people, both members and volunteers
  • fancy a challenge? Its possible you may do things you’ve not done before
  • learn some new skills such as driving a mini bus or learning sign language
  • simply putting a smile on a child’s face is thrilling
  • it makes you feel good

See what other volunteers have to say:

The best thing about volunteering is seeing the members enjoying the activities and building their confidence. If you’re considering volunteering do it, it’s fun, you meet new people and make new friends. It builds your confidence. April

I love the warmth from the group every time you are with them! And how friendly everyone is to each other.  If you’re thinking of volunteering go for it and don’t be shy of trying it! You won’t regret it and the feeling afterwords will be 100% worth it.  Emily Rose

Give it a go, we are all friendly and welcoming and can enjoy it as much as the children! Emily

The best thing about volunteering is the satisfaction from the feeling of benefitting the children who go there. It has given me a much better understanding of how to act around someone with a disability. Shannon

So what do you need to do to get involved? 

If you are interested in volunteering with children contact Laura for an informal chat on 01179 865659 or emailing laura@keynshammencap.org.uk. Or apply online by clicking the button below

Opportunities for children and adults with Learning Disabilities