A New Home for Us!

The Society’s Trustees are keen to continue to improve on our current offering by providing our existing and future members with more chances to gain new experiences, grow in confidence and be better equipped to deal with their day to day challenges. We want to provide a safe and secure environment in which to continue our support for local people that are affected by a wide range of learning disabilities.

We currently run 10 different projects offering over 150 adults and children, and their families, the same opportunities as their peers. Our individual clubs are held in many venues across Keynsham, Radstock and Bath, and with the future housing development plans of the local surrounding areas and the interest in providing additional services; we anticipate an increase in the demand for our provision. We have already seen our membership numbers increase in some of our clubs, making the necessity to seek alternative venues a greater priority.

To enable us to maintain our exceptional level of service it seems prudent that we obtain our own centre that can facilitate the need for further sessions for our members, our own hall space, office space and additional storage needs for our resources.

Over the past year we have set aside some funds and fundraised tirelessly, with additional fundraising initiatives and so far we have made great steps financially to achieving our goal; ‘To own a premises that will facilitate our existing projects and be suitable for expansion’. By the end of the March 2018 our restricted fund had now reached £85k, however we still have some way to go in our desire to raise £250k by the end of 2019.

Once we have reached our target we will have enough funds behind us to, either adapt an existing building should it become available, or enable us to source the correct land/building in an area within Keynsham, central to our existing venues. To ensure we find the best solution for our existing needs, research is now being conducted to find either land for development or building for renovation.

Building on essential life skills, introducing more varied activities to our programme and increasing our support is in the forefront of everything we do. We enable our members to further develop the tools needed to become more self-sufficient and broaden their horizons. Thanks to the support they have received through our social clubs a number of our 18+ Club members now have the confidence to live independently in supported housing, work in employed or voluntary positions and enjoy meaningful relationships.

Opportunities for children and adults with Learning Disabilities